A circus show that combines ladder balances, air elements and music through three bodies moving in a game of tug of war between desire and flight.

What happens when someone breaks into a space for the first time? How are we transformed, or comforted by the presence of others? What remains of us in areas where we have lived? With a language between tragedy and comedy, Hotel Iocandi places circus art and live music to serve a full of questions about the fragility of the human universe.

Zirkolika 2015 prize for the best show.

14th of May, 20’30 h. Pont de la Vila Roja.

Promotional video

Company: Hotel Iocandi (Catalunya/Mallorca).
Performers: Tomeu Amer, Griselda Juncà & Joana Gomila.
External view: Marta Torrens & Joan Manel Albinyana.

Family show / 45 min. / No text.