Small wood and canvas circus. Plastic modeling show, circus and experiences. In a square in a crossroads, in a sunset, in the courtyard of a school in a disused water slide, within the limits of dreams or anywhere else…

In the vicinity of the circular track, the smell of fermented yeast welcomes you into the intimacy of a small circus. It is the dusty hour. Trading memories and experiences of an amnesiac pallaso embraced by the sound textures of Sibelius. A warm light of metal rims, invites you to share MAIURTA dust, the feat and the laughter of the circus.

Premi Nacional de Catalunya 2016 Circ.

14th of May, 13 h. & 19.30 h.
15th of May, 11 h. & 13 h.

Promotional video

Company: Los Galindos (Catalunya).
Director: Bet Garrell.
Producer: Los Galindos.
Writer: Marcel Escolano.
Musical creation: Marc Vila.
Music: Marc Vila.
Clown: Marcel Escolano.

From 5 years old / 40 min. / Catalan / Prize: 10 €