Many people have lived with the hardness, physical exertion and personal challenges led to an absurd extreme. Rudo, a man who creates figures with towers and heavy wooden boxes. Illusion will and get the artist to rise, precariously, on a fragile constructions.

Live music (violin and cello) will make the lyrical counterbalance to the titanic effort of the character, snarling, sweat and does not decay in his delirium.

  • Zirkolika prize for the best show room 2014.
  • Best street show Umore Azoka 2014.
  • Best show NIGHTS FETEN 2015.

14th of May, 18.30 h and 21.30 h. – Auditori of Alcúdia.

Promotional video

Company: Manolo Alcántara (Catalunya).
Author: Manolo Alcántara.
Director: Manolo Alcántara & Xavier Erra.
Performers: Manolo Alcántara, Laia Rius (violin), & Maria Bou (celo).

Family show / 55 min. / No text / Prize: 10 €.