Finally, after a lifetime of being circus around the world The Flamingos come back again for the first time … ridiculous, rancid, outdated and dubious taste, despite his experience are incapable of recognizing where is the real talent. And not only that… they want to hide on! Agreements and disagreements that will make the show don’t stop here… nothing happened… or yes!

The Flamingos is a circus show for all the family where juggling, unicycles and humor are the tools of the artists to get the audience in his pocket.

14th of May, 11’30 h. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

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Company: Los Herrerita (Catalunya).
Author: Los Herrerita.
Performers: Joan Lluís Montero, David Herrera, Marcel Aguilar.

Family show / 60 min. / No text.