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Believe in the festival of life!

Two acrobats + one musician + one wheel of death = 78 spins! 78 spins just like those old vinyls! Because there will be music, rock and crazy polyphonies going round while the wheel spins 78 times in the air! That is no ordinary wheel, it’s the wheel of death! Such a name makes you feel dizzy! This humongous wheel, a mythical prop in traditional circus, is indeed dizzying, almost troubling: it is set 10 metres high and makes a circular movement mirroring that of life and death, of time, always returning… “After” becomes “before”, “above” turns into “below”, or the other way round, it’s always spinning. An acrobatic, hypnotic, sensitive journey, yet an allegory at the same time; because while playing with the symbols suggested by this wheel, La Meute’s kamikaze artists invite us to reflect on sense and time, on fear, on outdoing yourself, on the place of human beings in the universe while standing before an exceedingly huge, almost ridiculous face… laughing is a much better option!

La Meute

[ França ]



30 minuts

01 i 02/05/21 at 19:00 h

Plaça de Toros

5 €