Circ Bover

[ Mallorca ]



60 minuts

Thursday 01/10 - 20 H


10 €

Àvol will immerse yourself in a special universe that changes: four lively characters live in this world full of bamboo canes and ropes. This universe represents at the same time all the spaces of the world and none of them, thanks to the tensegrity of the elements that form it: three bamboo canes that turn into different structures. Our characters cannot live without constant challenges: challenges between them, with themselves, with the elements that surround them, and with the balancing. They take themselves to the limit through a funny, energetic and original show. With Àvol ends a 5-years cycle of research to discover the possibilities of bamboo applied to the circus. During these 5 years, Circ Bover has premiered the pieces Vincles, Nòmades, Sentinel and, now, Àvol. Circ Bover has received 5 awards and has carried out more than 400 performances all over the world.