CLARA PEYA in concert

Pianist and composer Clara Peya is regarded as one of the most unique, innovative artists in the Spanish music scene for quite some time now. Hers is a hectic biography navigating through music, theatre and activism. From a musical perspective, Peya is unclassifiable: she swings from chamber music to jazz, to pop and to electronica but at the same time she always keeps the piano as her centre of gravity. She stands for pure energy and feeling, and in this performance we’ll see her alone with her piano, playing with its keys and with synthesizers which create the artist’s one-of-a-kind, unique atmosphere. Peya sets out for a journey throughout her career in music, both adapting songs already recorded in previous albums and unveiling unreleased tunes.


[ Catalunya ]

Electronic / experimental jazz


70 minuts

02/05/21 at 20 h

Auditori d'Alcúdia

10 €

Premi Nacional de Cultura i amb el galardó a Millor disc de l’any per la crítica dels Premis Enderrock per ‘Estómac’ (Satélite K, 2018).