Escarlata Circus

[ Catalunya ]


From 8 years old

60 minuts

Friday 04/09 - 18 H
Friday 04/09 - 20.30 H

Saturday 05/09 - 18 H
Saturday 05/09 - 21 H

Sunday 06/09 - 18 H
Sunday 06/09 - 20.20 H


10 €

Devoris Causa is a show served in the intimacy of a circular space where the poetic movement of two characters will make us travel to the future past of the undefined past perfect of the emotions. The manipulation of elements, in this case, vegetables, helps us to explain a cruel and daily story with the most tasteful scents of the cuisine.

Get in this dump and let you go by the deep breaths of succulent aromas. Taste everything and, then, we talk. Have a good digestion!!