Seven women do not have much weight in this world.

So we thought: “What if.. we pile each other up?”

“INO” is us, dressed in various layers of social conventions, just like everyone else. Layers that bother us and that don’t allow us to move freely.

We grab one another by our clothes, we pull each other, we help each other to remove the layers that cover us. We realize that it’s heavier to carry the weight of social expectations than that of our own bodies.

We hold onto one another, we lift each other, we support each other. Simply

Simply it is what we want to do, together.

Ino Kollektiv

[ França ]

Women's circus show

From 8 years

45 minuts

02/05/21 at 18:00 h

Pont de la Vila Roja

3 €

Premis Zirkòlika de Circ de Catalunya 2019 – Millor espectacle de circ de carrer