“ISLA” is based on the dreams and hallucinations of three shipwrecked characters who find themselves alone and who will need each other to remake their story. These characters will create unbelievable situations and they will choose the most bizarre strategies to overcome the limits of their island. A story that will make us reflect upon the suitability of taking refuge in the sea or foundering on an island. Based on a work of movement and body, the most typical tools of the circus, such as acrobatics and the Chinese pole form part of the show as a scenic language. This project reminds us of the subtle barrier that exists between physical theatre and dance; circus and risk, and magic and dreams.  
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[ Aragó ]

Theater, Circus


50 minuts

07/05/21 at 18:30 h

Plaça de Toros

5 €

Millor espectacle de circ aragonès 2017
Primer Premi del Certamen Noctivagos 2017
Premis Circada 2019