A path described by one body in its revolution about another, influenced by a central force.

This phenomenon represents the relationship between Carlos López and Noemí Pareja, two multitalented artists who interact with each other through several contemporary techniques involving movement, circus and live music, all under their shared roots’ gravitational pull: Cadiz, the sea, art.

Órbita is sheer poetry in motion. A show ripe with power and sensitivity, in which the audience is offered real artistic fusion and a comprehensive take on art and the different performing genres it features.

Zen del sur

[ Andalusia ]

Contemporary Circus

From 12 years

55 minuts

08/05/21 at 20:00 h

Auditori d'Alcúdia

10 €

Premi al Millor Espectacle de Sala Feria Castilla León – Ciudad Rodrigo 2020