Rubí y los lingotes

Whenever we discuss cabaret and sequins, it’s impossible not to think of Alejandra Palacios Requena’s amazing beauty, voice and glamour; she is knows as Rubí, the living legend, the curvaceous super vedette. Whenever we discuss golden music and modern beats, who hasn’t danced the night away with the magnificent orchestra Los Lingotes and their frenzied tunes?

For the first time, exclusively here, and thanks to the energy invested by the small company Enguany Mos Forram Produccions, these two stage animals join forces solely to pursue new artistic challenges and to captivate their beloved audience. All this is spiced up by the great Italian illusionist Camillo’s magic and also Kikirikir’s daring acts, in a cabaret show that will leave no one indifferent. The show, featuring flamboyant clothes and effective lights, will flow seamlessly and offer amazing visual beauty.

Enguany Mos Forram Produccions

[ Illes Balears ]



50 minuts

09/05/21 at 19:00 h

Auditori d'Alcúdia

10 €