Sin Ojana

Chicharrón, the last member of a flamenco dynasty, brings his cart where he keeps the family flamenco club, in which he will blend flamenco rhythms and beats with juggling.

Sin Ojana means without lying, without hypocrisy.

In his travels Chicharrón carries with him a song to freedom, a tribute to flamenco, to women and to the developments of life. A melting pot of arts in which he’ll capture us using both humour and drama in order to sprinkle some polka dots on our lives. Ole…

Chicharrón Circo Flamenco

[ Andalusia ]

Circus, Flamenco, Theater

From 12 years

55 minuts

01/05/21 at 18:00 h

Pont de la Vila Roja

3 €

Primer Premi Panorama Circada 2020 + 13 premis Jurat Panorama Circada 2020