Tartana is a show originally created by Trocos Lucos, a carefree street show featuring performers highly skilled in the main circus techniques: Korean cradle and hand balancing.

Dramaturgy is developed starting from an acrobatic research on the use of a van both as a stage prop and as a support for the cradle. The three performers on stage create and undo comical conflicts motivated by their peculiar personalities, they approach the audience with situations as absurd as ordinary while showing their most human side.

Tension created between the risk inherent to high acrobatics and the innocence of games keep up the tempo and the story in this show, a trip in which you can both meet a diver flapping in the air and also see a fight where your best tool is tying your boot laces properly. Tartana features performing and technical innovation; you’ll be able to enjoy the accuracy and confidence in amazing circus techniques, a show with which you’ll feel alive, moved by the feeling of not knowing whether to hold your breath or a fit of laughter.

Trocos Lucos

[ Madrid ]

Experimental circus


50 minuts

08/05/21 at 18:00 h

Plaça de Toros

5 €

Premi Festival Teatro de Murcia
Premi Festival Metroncho Sierra de Segura
Premi Festival Sal de Calle San Pedro del Pinatar
Premi Festival Saltimbanquin de Utrera