[ Mallorca ]



50 minuts

Sunday 06/09 - 18.30 H


10 €

Utopía is the story of a clown named Rumbo that has been travelling all around the world for many years, looking for the most magical side of everything that surrounds him. After visiting different places in the world and being worried about the human superficiality that has bumped into him, Rumbo wants to show the audience how to achieve impossible things thanks to the simplicity and authenticity that every human being owns. This piece is a trip that takes the audience to a parallel world, creating a fantastic atmosphere from the moment that one gets into the theatre. The spectators will daydream in a show that invites them to get excited again as they used to when they were kids. Accompanied by the best sense of humour of a clown, in this multidisciplinary show you will enjoy live music, magic, juggling, illusionism and, as the main routine, the innovative smoke handling. Utopía is a trip that encourages you to think about the possibility of turning dreams into reality.

3º Prize of the circus IV MATX – Circaire, Mostra de Circ d’Alcúdia 2018