“… A rural trash circus and movement show… Two older, stout men, together with a musician who plays multiple instruments create a frenzied show, nicely grotesque, an unrhythmic dance of devastated beasts, a trio of out-of-style men trying to seduce and also seduce themselves… by making us laugh and by getting their bodies on balance over tables, chairs and champagne bottles without any tricks…”

Cía. Vaques

[ Astúries/Catalunya ]

Humor, circus and live music


45 minuts

30/04/21 at 20:00 h

Auditori d'Alcúdia

10 €

Premi “Millor espectacle” Valladolid Propone TACValladolid 2016
Nominats a “Millor espectacle de circ” als PREMIS CIUTAT de BARCELONA 2017
Premi del Públic al Festival ENTREPAYASAOS 2018