30/10/2022 | 12 i 17 h
Espai Circaire – Carpa Circ Bover

After years of intense training in circus arts and 10 years of experience in street theatre at festivals in more than 15 countries, Iván Alone “Circoactivo” gathers the essence of his work in an innovative and participatory circus show.

Using a 5 metre-high Chinese pole, a bucket, a microphone, the clown Iván Alone, dressed in overalls, transforms the stage and  involves the audience in order to achieve his goal: build air circus and perform his great final act.

It is impressive how the technician’s poor skills playing with his real problems gives way to the circus artist’s technical virtuosity  who defies gravity, featuring the fluidity of dance and the audacity of acrobatics.

A show without words in which the clown’s absurdity meets the acrobat’s virtuosity.