Tortell Poltrona
28/10/2022 | 20 h

Que Bèstia!, with this exclamation that has made it popular to the point of incorporating it into our language, Tortell Poltrona presents his new show inspired by the great clowns of the beginning and middle of the 20th century who have left us a legacy that does not wither Absurd situations and gags that make us laugh like when they were created decades ago. A tribute to those fantastic characters who made our ancestors laugh, where another classic of a clown show cannot be missing: the music. Even the clothes they wear are from the sixties, from the famous line of the Martini Brothers.

It’s a tribute to the characters who made our grandparents laugh and who have made us laugh too.

The aim is to stimulate emotions and cause sensations with laughter as a vehicle. Three clowns, three exponents of the human condition that highlight the joy of this moment of cosmic consciousness that we call life.