Jimena Cavalletti
7/5/2023 | 17 h
45 min

For all audiences
Av. Ca na Ferrera – BehindPl. Toros

B.O.B.A.S. (acronym in Catalan for Charity Orchestral Band for Burying Acts)

A lowly music band organises burial ceremonies but this time neither the priest nor the deceased have arrived. While the deceased makes it there, these three musicians share with their family and friends an experience that turns out to be highly awkward… and catastrophic.

Playing trumpet, euphonium, drums and cymbals, this trio, the B.O.B.A.S., turns a dramatic situation into an accident-filled comedy. On the floor, outdoors, without requiring any power supply and even with the possibility of performing in the rain, this clown trio which is both classical and contemporary will seize the opportunity to make us laugh about essential issues.