Alba Sarraute & Les Ofèlies
5/5/2023 | 20 h
65 min

Recommended from 12 years
Ticket 10 €

We’ve all heard of Shakespeare’s Othello, but what is that play really about? And in what new ways can this Shakespearian story be told? Alba Sarraute and Les Ofèlies do so using the language of circus, through acrobatics, music and the performers’ bodies, thus creating a collection of poetry-imbued images; with them, guided by Desdemona’s –Othello’s wife–  point of view, we  traveldeep within the most dramatic aspects of the human condition… with a smile on our faces. 

A circus performance combined with Shakespeare, where the characters express themselves through their bodies and through music. Circus techniques convey the tragedy, making it whimsical and universal.