La Troupe Malabó
Region of Valencia
3/5/2024 | 18 h
60 min
For all audiences
Pont de la Vila Roja

Karpaty Cirqué, an old, traditional, renowned Russian circus. 
After years of success, everything breaks out: war, the pandemic, famine, lack of love, treason and ambition, leaving the circus in its utmost decay. 
The survivors from this old circus, siblings Katie and Pavel Ushka, embark on a long journey, searching for a place, a kind world, where they can make their dream come true: showing their art in public again, spreading love.

While they’re travelling they meet Mimushka, a young trapeze artist, and Bobof, a very gifted homeless man. For years they wander without any success, experiencing terrible calamities. As if they were shut out from life, somewhere filled with silence, famine, coldness and solitude.

One day, out of the blue, after the longest time, they find themselves in front of an audience awaiting their performance. Joy and sadness together, how marvellous! Karpaty is once more reborn.

Will they be able to remember the show? Remember how everything was done? Will they remember their skills? How circus worked?

A unique show, apparently improvised and with a dash of decay.
Characters filled with love, for circus and for life.