Manolo Alcántara
5/5/2023 | 18 h
50 – 60 min

For all audiences
Plaça de Toros

MAÑA is the transformation from artisan to artist, and the transmission of knowledge from grandparent to grandchild.

It is a performance-installation which revolves around ingenuity, that timeless, universal and transversal attribute, as seen through an artistic and artisanal lens. The construction of a giant arch made of very heavy boxes is there for all to see, a construction based on the premises of economy of effort and movement using ancestral technologies that are still relevant today: the lever, the pulley, the wheel…

The choreography of this everyday element of set design is the performance in itself, in which craftsmanship is the indelible protagonist: a craftmanship which counterpoises the use of tools and resources, so as not to limit my effectiveness as an artisan, negotiating between ingenuity and intuition.

My father taught me how to build arches, and MAÑA is the way I would teach my son how to build them.